Edge to Edgier

 ‘style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’~Rachel Zoe

Hey loves! Happy New week!  I wasn’t sure if I would post this week but oh well I have blogging goals to fulfil.

Am spotting a new hairdo… Yass! Grey is not really my first choice when it comes to hair colour but I took a chance and am glad it paid off. I might just make it my go-to hair color.

Grey hair=edge and black tights=edgier (you get the math). I love the statement this outfit makes. It has attitude and personality yet it maintains its simplicity. In other words effortlessly chic! (someone take me out,  I need to slay the streets in this outfit)


Slay on a budget= ksh4000


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kangethe mbugua says:

    i have seen the hair first hand and its wow!add the outfit indeed your slaying all day everyday

    1. serahjasmine says:

      Thanks dear

  2. lyve shiru says:

    ma’ you slay you know that? I love! love!

    1. serahjasmine says:

      Thank you darling

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