welcome to beard gang territory!


I couldn’t help but post this drool-worthy creature (wink).

My post inspiration today is loosely drawn from the lumberjack profession, where men’s wardrobe is characterized by plaid shirts, denims and boots. This is a very popular street style especially during the colder seasons. The picture above is an example of the ‘lumberjack look’ with a whole lot more edge of course.




Am back with more blue jeans (wardrobe staple), a beige plaid shirt and cut-out booties. I love this neutral+blue combo, the kind of simplicity that makes a statement. You will never go wrong with neutral colors I promise!

Plaid shirts are pretty common and are won over tank tops, tied around the waist and so on. There are basically no rules when it comes to personal style!

PS: This year my posts will be about looking good and spending less,call it ‘slay-on-a-budget’ campaign. You don’t have to go broke to look good!!

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Slay-on-a-budget= Ksh1500



5 Comments Add yours

  1. grace says:

    if love for boots could kill I believe id have died over a thousand deaths by now

    1. serahjasmine says:

      Haha I hear you

    1. serahjasmine says:

      Thank you

  2. Sophie says:

    Wow gal are beautiful keep up good work

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