Get Bardoted


I have a prominent clavicle (collarbone) and I absolutely love it.  However if you’re African there’s a chance you have been given the “you need to eat more” lecture *eye-roll. Well, good news is the fashion world approves (or the rest of the world in this case) and bardot /off the shoulder style is trending. I like how exposing a little shoulder impacts the whole outfit giving it an effortless chic and sexy look; like you’re not even trying to look good, it just happened.

I love my puffy peach bardot top I bought at Tamari. Small chested ladies always go for puffy or ruffled tops to give that hourglass silhouette. Since I wanted the top to be the statement piece I built around it with neutral shades (grey jeans and olive cutouts).Oh and of course a golden choker for that dazzle!

Forewarning :this year will see me in a lot of neutrals.

Have a great weekend guys and Happy Mothers’ Day!

Slay-on-a-budget= 4500/=

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. kangethe mbugua says:

    information is indeed power,thanks i can say something about fashion thanks to you..looking sassy and dazling

    1. serahjasmine says:

      Thanks darling

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